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In this first tutorial we have created, we explain the basics of ISO, Shutter and Aperture.

We explain the importance of each one. We give helpful tips and give examples where each one plays a vital roll.

We explain both the basic and the creative shooting modes of your camera irrespective the camera brand you are using.

We also explain useful lens abbreviations, as well as some words of encouragement.

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Having worked in the fitness industry for some time one meets a lot of amazing people, Chantelle van Tonder is one of many who I have had the pleasure of working with. I'll never forget the first time I photographed her, during a NABBA SA competition, her very first stage comp and the picture I took of her while she was smiling at her son in the crowd who was shouting at the top of his lungs " YAAAAY MOMMY !!" while standing on a chair not even three paces away from me....... priceless.

I have had the pleasure of photographing her numerous times while doing photographic work in Bloemfontein and have come to realize that she knows what she wants and works hard to achieve her goals, never backing down.

So ........ last week Thursday I'm at work and my phone rings and Chantelle is excited and stuttering and laughing.

She mentions to me that she has procured a modeling contract, something I know she has been working hard towards for YEARS. I know just how hard she and countless others work towards such a contract in the fitness industry and being a fitness photographer I'm always proud to be able to professionally photograph the amazing transformations that take place.

In a very candid kind of way Chantelle mentions to me that she would like to send the images I took of her to Dean Gordon a videographer she knows and she would just like my permission.

My reply to this question is "Sure, no problem, they are your images."

We chat for a few more minutes, I mention to her how very proud I am of her. I wish her all the best with her new career as a model. We chat a bit longer, she says something, starts stuttering and laughing again, she says thanks and hangs up.

I'm not sure what to think of the tsunami wave that just hit me, so I return to my emails the hum of air-cons and my cold coffee (something which tends to happen quite frequently now days).

Today I get a sent this YouTube link:

I am blown away .......

Once again I am reminded just what it is we do as artists, be you a photographer, painter, videographer, sculptor and any other professional.

All too often I think we as artists get lost in the sea of electronic media platforms, likes, shares, brand names, algorithms and histogram's that we tend to forget that it's not what we use, what we do, the amount of likes or shares or what genre we specialize in but rather the service we provide and how we make people feel.

It's always great seeing how professionals from different genres come together to achieve a common goal.

Amazing work Dean. Congrats once again Chantelle, All the best for your future, I'm uber proud of you.

Video Credit                                                                                                                                                                           Model: Chantelle van Tonder                                                                                                                                                     Videography: Dean Gordon (                                                                                                                     Photography: Warren Akerman (

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I walk in. The night air’s cold fingers run up and down my spine that chills me to my inner core, my fingers cold and slightly numb. Wondering to myself why I left my jacket at home.

 I am met by warm faces, handshakes and smiles. The smell of the freshly made pizza made in a pizza oven fills my nostrils. The smell awakens my stomach which has been dormant for a few hours now. I have not eaten yet and this is my second shoot for the evening, looking at the time I realize that it is already a new day and it is already past midnight. This place has become my home away from home. Truth be told those who work here have become like family to me.

Getting my camera equipment ready while eating pizza I gaze around at the candle light from the bar area, dancing on the walls like some forgotten tribal dance, the movements of which are only known to the dancers themselves.

It is time…. So much effort, time and so many ideas have gone into this concept in preparation for this shoot. Scribbled bits of crumpled paper still fresh in my mind as I take a deep breath. My mind takes over. I am merely a puppet. My mind pulling and tugging at the strings to get the correct angle, while at the same time balancing my body while standing up high on two bar chairs with uneven legs on an uneven floor.

For 1/250th of a second the room is filled with light and for 1/125th of a second I am blind as my camera's mirror lifts itself up exposing it's chip to the light, stopping me from seeing anything through the viewfinder. A lightning bolt travelling at the speed of 300 000 km/sec is unleashed and is directed as intended, bounces of the ceiling. Followed not by crack of thunder, but by a mechanical click as the mirror once again rests, allowing me to see through the viewfinder of my camera once again.

My mind is somehow intuitively happy with the result and hands the reigns back to me and I breathe while still performing a balancing act. I blink and gaze at the viewfinder……

At that moment my cell phone vibrates in my pocket, a message. As though someone very dear to me from afar has also just cast her eyes onto my camera's viewfinder. Distance indeed has no boundaries I think to myself smiling.

I am helped off the bar chairs and walk to my best friend who is like a brother to me who I have just photographed. He gazes at the image and smiles. So much effort and time went into this image, now frozen in time forever.

Driving home, I am no longer cold or tired. I am honoured to have helped my friend this morning. I’m blessed by the support of those close to me and from afar,   

Hope is indeed for Heroes



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