Photography and cinematography professionals based in Gauteng, Pretoria, Nelspruit, Durban, Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town, FSTOP Studios provides high quality services to a variety of clients throughout South Africa.


Our teams are as versatile as the clients we work with. Our teams cater for professional photography, static and drone videography as well as licensed PPL drone operators. We also have teams of makeup artists, post production and editing crews, sound engineers and cinematographers, as well as graphic & web designers.


We don’t limit our artistry, instead, we choose to specialise in all that the industry has to offer. Our photography portfolio has expanded with every new trick we’ve picked up and each talent we have honed. Today our catalogue of specialised photography includes Wedding Photography, Corporate Event Photography, Artistic Studio and Model Photography, Band and Concert Photography, as well as Gym and Fitness Photography.

FSTOP Studios was founded in 2011 by a photographer on a mission to provide an assortment of photographic and cinematic services to the public. The company attracted creative minds of all types and quickly built up relationships with talented individuals in the photography, videography and cinematography fields in all of the major cities. By having various professionals who specialise in various fields, we have various teams of professionals who cover everything from intimate weddings, studio and location photography, action packed sports events and adrenaline filled music events. FSTOP Studios is there to capture every moment!

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We also incorporate static videography and make use of our PPL drone operators when aerial videography and aerial photography is required by clients.

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Working as teams around South Africa, we are able to increase productivity, decrease turnaround time and deliver unmatched services to clients.


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