We realise the need for a FREE yet informative and easy to understand ebook which helps and teaches, containing material for newbies, beginners and amateur photographers, irrespective the digital camera brand, make or model of camera being used.

We have taken it upon ourselves to create easy to understand Ebooks, reading material which can be downloaded and read.

In our help guides we explain the basics and we give some helpful tips.

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FSTOP Studios- Book 1

In this first tutorial of many still to come, we have created a 60 page tutorial explaining the fundamentals of ISO, Shutter and Aperture.

We explain the importance of each one. We give helpful tips and give examples where each one plays a vital roll.We explain both the basic and the creative shooting modes of your camera irrespective the camera brand you are using.

We also explain some useful lens abbreviations and give some words of encouragement.